Hair infusion extensions

Hair infusion extensions are the trademarked technique of famous hair stylist Rodolfo Valentin worldwide named best hair infusions extensions salons NYC. Infusion Extensions Hair are only available at Rodolfo Valentin salons in New York and Long Island NY. In fact, Rodolfo Valentin in the fashionable Madison Avenue is the Infusion Extensions Hair Salon in New York plus the only Infusion Extensions Hair salon providing this exclusive hair extension to the entire tri state area.

Rodolfo Valentin hair extension New York Salon is near Brooklyn, near Queens, near Staten Island, near Westchester and near New Jersey, NJ and Connecticut, CT, also nearPhiladelphia, PA. Being the only Hair infusions extensions salon around, Rodolfo Valentin Hair Infusion New York Salon receives visitors from all over the world. Hair Infusions extensions are also available at the Long Island Beauty Center in Long Island NY near all towns located in the Long Island region like East Hamptons, South Hamptons, South Shore and North Shore of Nassau County and Suffolk county.

Best Hair Infusions Extensions Salons NYC

This safe hair extension is composed by refined thin layers of top quality hair and the latest and improved version of the previously named fusion hair; two decades ago Rodolfo Valentin was the only hair fusion salon in the United States. This kind of hair extension is worldwide known for being the only extensions free of damage to the natural hair. Browse and enjoy this only website that provides real information about Hair Infusion from the original source: Rodolfo Valentin, the trademark owner of this unique and safe hair extension technique that can take you to a total and renovated new look by enchanting you with great lengths of hair as celebrities do!

Infusion Hair Extensions

Is Tyra Banks the image you love, or probably the blonde tresses of Jessica Simpson are your desire? Well, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Britney Spears, including Madonna and lately Lady Gaga are also taking advantage between many other celebrities of hair extensions that are not meant only to add length, but also volume to any hair style that can be long or short. Hair infusion extensions will also help to add all the dimensional shades of color without going through lengthiness of chemical processes! With the hair infusion extensions, Rodolfo Valentin can also texture the hair extensions to match Janet Jackson and Beyonce hair nature. Rodolfo Valentin hair infusion extensions are internationally recognized as the only one of its kind for the high level of safety that it provides. With this exclusive method that does not uses harsh chemicals or damaging heat combined with its plane characteristic, hair infusion extensions are the only one recommendable for patrons suffering from thinning hair, hair loss or as the best post chemotherapy hair loss replacement tool. Hair infusion extensions are the only hair addition that will securely grow with the natural hair. Hair infusion additions are exclusively available at Rodolfo Valentin Hair Infusion New York Salon, at the Rodolfo Valentin Boutique for Hair Infusion NYC and at the Long Island Beauty Center in Long Island NY.

Infusion Extensions for Hair

Rodolfo Valentin, top hair salon in the heart of glamour, Madison Avenue, nestled between the windows of Chanel, Cavalli, and Hermes, is the leader of hair extensions in the United States, Europe , Asia, and South America for unique new hair extensions techniques and creator of several hair extensions techniques for different types of extensions for hair. Since his opening in 1984, the Rodolfo Valentin Salon has been considered as the best hair extension salon using his new hair extensions techniques for different types of extensions for hair thanks to his design of hair extensions techniques.

Creating custom made wigsand hairpieces with his own hands; Rodolfo was able to provide qualitycustomized extensions when the idea was barely developed. Having traveled the world, visiting Korea, China, and Indonesia, in search for a creative manufacturer, Rodolfo Valentin helped make and design the perfect hair extension system. The Department of Economic Affairs of India hired Rodolfo to teach Indian manufacturers to add color to extensions. This talent was considered revolutionary as hair extension pieces were only sold either virgin or in basic colors. Because of Rodolfo’s extraordinary ability, India was able to supply the world with hair pieces in a variety of hues & lengths.

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