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Rodolfo Valentin, top hair salon in the heart of glamour, Madison Avenue, nestled between the windows of Chanel and Hermes, is the leader of hair extensions in the United States, Europe , Asia, and South America for unique new hair extensions techniques and maker of several hair extensions techniques for diverse types of hair extensions. The very first system was named “Fusion Hair”.

Fusion Hair

Rodolfo Valentin Salon was in 1984 counted as the sole hair fusion extensions salons using this new fusion hair extension technique for different kinds of tresses additions for hair thanks to his design of several hair extensions techniques. Creating custom made wigs and hairpieces with his own hands; Rodolfo was talented to make available class made-to-order extensions when the idea was scarcely industrialized.

Hair Fusion Extensions

Adding up hair delivered from his regulars and what he calls hair farmers in Europe and South America, he planned and enriched this hair extension method thanks to the new tools available in current times. The fusion hair extension was significantly upgraded and retitled to what is currently famous as INFUSION HAIR EXTENSIONS only existing at Rodolfo Valentin hair infusion hair salon in New York City, Hair Boutique or Long Island, reaching wide-reaching response for such a cutting-edge product to the beauty and hair industry.

Hair Fusion

At present, “fusion hair” stands for the name of the fusion hair piece, that are custom made hair pieces of different sizes that are in-fusion together with the hair infusion extensions in individuals suffering hair loss, as hair loss in women, thinning hair, or men hair loss for the finest hair loss replacement creation blending two unique products. The union of these two perfect hair replacement products is call “total Solution”. Please enjoy the hair fusion before and after, pictures, photos plus videos.

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