Electric Shaver Review

Electric Shaver Review

Electric Shaver Review

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Between aesthetics and hygiene, shaving routine should be fun and spiritual, not a trivial gesture. When deciding what to buy, choose the right electric shaver base on affordability, comfort, safety and if you must, the most stylish you can get so that you look cool when doing your routine morning shave. Choose the wrong shaver and it can promise you waking up into a heavy morning of inconvenience and boring chores.

Here are some pointers to help you.


An electric shaver is a utility product which will likely be your shave companion for a long time, thus as so price must not be the key element when buying an electric shaver.

Pricing is crucial but if you wish for the best electric shaver then price mustn’t be at number one, however its down to each individual how much they can afford. Buying a shaver isn’t cheap and that’s why when you want to buy one, it’s important to get it right the first time.

The driving factors for selection of the best electric shaver should be closeness of shave, comfort and skin sensitivity. The new shaver you are about to buy must last and it must keep cutting day after day with comfort, which bring us to the following criteria;

Maintenance and Supplies

Every shaver will have their upkeep cost. Mainly to replace consumables or worn down parts such as blades and shaver head. If your best electric shaver comes with cleaning unit, it will also require replacement of cleaning cartridges once in a while. It is crucial to get all information prior to your purchase, on the pricing and availability of parts of your shaver models. Online store like Amazon will provide you with all the required informations with ease.


Good shaver comes with exceptionally sharp blades, It shouldn’t chops, pulls or tugs your skin. Instead it passes smoothly and slice hairs as easily, even if you haven’t shaved for a couple of days. It should feels good in the hand and able to guarantee smooth and close shave every time you use it.

Linear Vs Rotary Shaver

Both systems have their own pros and cons. But in general, they are almost equal in performance and effectiveness. The final choice for the best electric shaver, this one or the other depends on the users and their personal preferences. The most up to date design of rotary shaver typically consist three rotating blades placed in a triangular pattern, with premium model can have up to five rotary blades. The linear shaver on the other hand, usually consist of 3 rows of foil blade placed parallel of each other. There is only one premium model with 4 rows of blade available on the market at this moment.

Wet or Dry

This really subject to one’s own preference, but majority of mens agree that wet shave with lather is most satisfying and pleasing. If you are always in a hurry in the morning, the wet capable shaver is recommended since you can just shave straight from the shower.

Additional Features
Additional features are to some degree important as they add a dimension to the shaver in in term of convenience and efficiency. Features like micro-vibration and flexible-floating heads that adapt itself to the contours of your face, especially in the hard to reach areas like the chin and certain areas of the neck. These added convenience are there to ensure the shaver performs at it very best.

Beside precision in cutting your hair stubs, what’s also important is cutting down the risk of nicks and cuts.


Cutting Height Adjustments
Shaving too close to the skin sometimes causes burns and abbrasions to skin, especially if you’re just adjusting to new shaver. The solution is to gradually adjust the cutting height mechanically or applying different pressure when shaving. Unlike the rotary shaver, this advantage is possessed only by certain linear type shavers (such as best electric shaver produced by Panasonic), with their unique cutting height adjustments ability.

Allergic Reactions

This is quite rare, but sometimes it happen. The other side of  a shaver blade is the risk of allergic reactions. Certain metal properties such as chromium or nickel when combined with the use of other shaving products (for example; foam) will cause chemical reaction sensitive to certain type of skin. If your skin falls under this category, then you must have known this by now.

Best electric shaver like Panasonic ES-LA93-K comes complete with docking unit that cleans, lubricates and charges the shaver. What this mean is a a hassle free shaver that prepare itself in advance so you end up with a clean, lubricated and fully charged shaver every time you want to use it.



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