Beard and Mustache Care Tips

Beard and Mustache Care Tips

Beard and Mustache Care Tips

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This article is a rough guide on how to shave mustache, how to shave a beard, how to shape a beard and how to trim a beard. Read on to find out how to trim your beard and how to shave your mustache and look your best.

These informal tips for beard and mustache grooming are suggestions only.


Trimming your Beard and Mustache

Some men prefer having this done professionally only. While others prefer to do it themselves. If you prefer to trim your own mustache, you’re going to require right instruments. Do you go with using scissors or mustache and beard trimmer?

If you’re going to use scissors, you should think about getting yourself a good pair of professional barber’s scissors.

If your want to go with a beard and mustache trimmer, a high quality rechargeable cordless trimmer model is always a good choice.

Having a nice wide-toothed comb is also a necessary accessory to any grooming kit. For maintaining mustache, a high quality fine-toothed comb is indispensable. Some specialty Barber and Beauty Supply Shops sell small specialized mustache combs.

Next, a wall mirror of appropriate size is a must and a magnifying mirror and possibly a three-way mirror would be optimal.

Trimming a wet beard or mustache is a no, no. Hair is typically longer when wet, so you may find that you have trimmed too much when it dries.

When using a comb and scissors, comb through the beard cutting the hair on the outside of the comb as you go. It does take a little practice to get this technique down, so it’s better not to cut enough than cutting too much.

To keep a balance between both sides of your face, it’s best to start closer to the ear on one side slowly trimming your way down to the chin. When you’re done, do the same on the other side of your face.

The best beard and mustache trimmers always come with a adjustment trimming guide. By adjusting the position of the guide on your trimmer, you control precisely how close it trims your beard or mustache. Make sure you read the instructions supplied with your trimmer carefully in order to maximize it’s effectiveness. It is best to adjust the trimmer’s guide for longer beard length settings when starting out, until you’ve got your technique down pat.

When trimming your mustache, comb it straight down first. Then using scissors or your beard and mustache trimmer, begin with the middle section and trim first towards one side of the mouth, then the other. It typically looks best if you let it grow all the way up to your nose, so don’t shave or trim the top of the mustache.
After trimming your mustache and beard, then you need to keep the shape of your beard intact. The beard and mustache trimmer with the adjustable trimming guide removed helps keep the neck line of your beard well-defined, but be careful. You could also carefully shave the lower part of your neck in order to keep the neck line of your beard in the desired shape and angle.

Stray hairs can also be removed with a trimming razor. However, you shouldn’t pluck them as it may cause ingrown hairs or other skin irritations.

A Clean and Fresh Beard

Washing and shampooing your beard regularly will keep it looking and smelling fresh and clean, even though it’s beard and mustache hair, it is still hair after all. Use a mild shampoo as it’s kinder on your skin.

You can use a conditioner, but make sure you rinse it out thoroughly. If you don’t, you may experience flaking. Conditioners normally are less effective on the beard than the hair on your head, because beard and mustache hair is coarser. However, conditioners still help make your beard feel softer.

Avoid blow drying as it can be harsh on the skin, simply gently pat dry instead.

Finally, comb your beard and mustache with a wide-toothed comb. This removes tangles and finish up with a gentle quick brush.


  1. Shampoo your beard every day.
  2. Use a conditioner on your beard or mustache to soften it.
  3. Pat dry your beard with a towel and then comb it, use a large tooth comb.
  4. After your beard is dry then you can trim it. Don’t trim it while wet, you can trim off too much because wet hair is normally longer than dry hair.
  5. Use good quality sharp scissors and/or a high quality beard trimmer.
  6. Make sure to trim a little bit at a time and keep it’s shape by trimming one side first then the other.
  7. Trim your moustache, use your lip as a template. The hair shouldn’t grow up over your top lip. You can also trim your mustache from the center to each edge.
  8. Use a small tooth comb while taking care of your moustache.
  9. Do a quick one over to make sure there are no stray hairs on your face.


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