10 Wedding Menu Planning Tips

10 Wedding Menu Planning Tips

10 Wedding Menu Planning Tips

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Booking a caterer and then planning a menu is always a tedious task. Often the most difficult part of the job is to select a few from a list of literally hundreds of dishes. Take for example starters; some of the best caterers in Delhi have more than 50 options from which you’ll probably want to choose just 5-10. However, given below are 10 tips that’ll certainly help you to plan your wedding menu easily –

1) Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian – Yes, this is where you’ll have to start. Your decision to hire a particular catering agency would start from whether they have expertise in preparing your choice of food.

2) Budget – Next and perhaps equally important thing is your budget. You must have a clear idea of how much money you are willing to spend on food for your guests.

3) Counting Your Guests – Count the number of guests you expect to be present during the wedding. You know that you’ll have to accommodate them all within your set budget. The number of dishes that you’ll be able to select is inversely proportional to the number of guests you are expecting.

4) Taste of your guests – Yes, it is extremely important to consider what taste your expected guests have. Have some popular regional dishes based on what your guests like to eat. To ensure that your caterer is good enough, ask for a trial of the food.

5) Starters – Unless you can afford to, have only a few different types of starters. Also, make sure that starters are the ones that almost everyone enjoys eating and is light on the stomach. You would certainly want your guests to also enjoy the main course and dessert.

6) Salads – More and more people have become diet conscious and salads today form an important part of everyone’s diet. Have at least a few different types. You can also include Italian food like pasta or macaroni in salads and add greater variety to your overall food spread.

7) Main Course – This is perhaps the most critical part of the entire food that will be laid out on your wedding day. Have variety here in terms of the type of gravy, ingredients and the number of dishes. Have some of the most popular dishes of your region laid out along with other gravies. Make sure that the gravies are served hot.

8) Breads – Indian breads taste best only when they are served hot. Even if you do not want to have a lot of variety, ensure that the breads are prepared fresh and served hot.

9) Desserts – This is one of the most looked forward parts of every Indian wedding menu. So have some ice creams and Indian desserts for your guests.

10) Season – A few things that you choose would also depend the season in which your wedding will be held. If it’s a summer wedding, try and arrange for a fruit salad and mocktails (non-alcoholic mixed flavour drinks) for your guests. If it’s a winter wedding or a monsoon wedding, have a lot of warm fluids like soups, hot milk and hot desserts for your guests. I think these 10 plan is the best plan ever in between the Marriage & Couples Counselling.


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